Unbreakable 9-Inch Wheat Plastic Round Gridded Dinner Plate Set Of 5 Sets (Divided Plate/Picnic Plate/Salad Plate), Dishwasher-Cleanable, Reusable, Bpa-Free, Colorful, Suitable For Children, Adults



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Product Description

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

Get You And Your Kids Started With The DLF. DONGLINFENG 5-Piece Wheat Straw Portion Control Tray And Divider Set!

DLF. DONGLINFENG Divider Plate Offers Bright Colors And Consists Of 3 Sections So You Can Serve A Variety Of Healthy Foods At Mealtime, But Separate Foods For Picky Eaters.

The Plates Have Deep Sides To Help Children Who Are Learning To Eat Independently.

The High-Quality, Heavyweight Reusable Plastic Plates Are Made Of Wheat Straw And Food-Grade Pp Plastic To Handle Reusability And Are Stackable To Save Space.

Balance Mealtime With These Colorful Plates So You Can Love Life, Enjoy It And Eat Easily To Manage Weight And Stay Healthy, And Start A New Way Of Life!

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

party plate

Plates are stackable Space-saving and convenient storage, making plates stackable and compact for ease of use

Reasonable mix, nutrition fat loss plate

Divided plates are designed with three compartments, where staple foods, fruits and vegetable salads can be arranged in an orderly manner to prevent odor. Reasonable meal combination

Enjoy your food while maintaining good health and figure, light and sturdy, unbreakable plate

food plate

Appetizer plates, bread and butter plates, salad plates and camping plates

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

Unbreakable Wheat Compartment PlateUnbreakable Wheat Compartment Plate

breakfast plate

Great for any type of snack, food or meal – lunch or dinner

dinner plate

High segment dividers and sides ensure food separation and easy scooping, controlling quantity and providing the right amount of food for effective weight loss, ideal for weight loss diets

Durable dividing plastic plates are perfect for everyday dining

Makes meal preparation easy and helps prevent over-eating with a portion control plate that eliminates the need for multiple containers and requires only one separate plate to collect all meals.

Easily place food on a healthy plate and fill it up as a healthy meal. Every meal is so easy and healthy!

9-Inch Round Compartment Tray9-Inch Round Compartment Tray

The DLF. DONGLINFENG Partial Control Plate is the key to good nutritional food choices for weight loss, maintenance and reducing the risk of weight regain after bariatric surgery.

Successful bariatric patients weigh, measure and review the proportion of nutrients they put on their plates. Portion control is critical to achieving weight loss after any bariatric surgery.

Portion control plates make it easier to change your eating habits.

Good portion control and healthy eating will help with long-term weight loss and ensure you reach your goal weight.

Several studies have confirmed the close relationship between portion size and calorie intake.

Excessive calorie intake can lead to weight gain or possibly weight regain in bariatric surgery patients, and bariatric patients can easily avoid overeating through proper portion control.

The portion control plate we use for bariatric meals is divided into three main sections: Protein – The largest portion of the bariatric plate is protein. In fact, this section takes up half of the plate.

This is consistent with the recommendation to prioritize high-value proteins such as meat, fish and eggs at mealtime.

Fruits and vegetables – One-third of the plate is dedicated to fruits and vegetables to optimize the patient’s intake of vitamins and minerals at each meal.

Fiber – The rest of the plate (20%) is dedicated to fiber – especially grains. Whole grains are important because they contain essential B vitamins that bariatric surgery patients must avoid being deficient in.

Our wheat straw portion control plates are BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable

Design Concept: The Plate Can Be Stacked To Save Space And Convenient Storage, Making The Plates Easy To Stack And Compact, Easy To Use, High-Segment Partitions And Sides Can Ensure Food Separation, And Can Easily Scoop Up Food, Control The Amount And Provide The Right Amount Foods For Effective Weight Loss, Very Suitable For Weight Loss Diet
Multiple Uses And Occasions: Colorful Settings For Your Daily Use, To Meet Any Of Your Food Needs. Perfect For Any Type Of Snack, Food Or Meal-Lunch Or Dinner-Indoor Or Outdoor-At Home, Camping, Park, School. Holidays, Weddings, Parties
Light And Strong: These Cereal Dinner Plates Are Designed To Save Space And Have Smooth Edges. Light Weight, Light Grip, Multi-Color Dinner Plates Make Life More Enjoyable. This Bpa-Free Strong Material Is Glass, Ceramics And Safer, A Good Substitute To Say Goodbye To Falling Debris And Cracks, Even If It Is Dropped Will Break! Don’T Worry About Injuries To Children And Adults
Packaging: Our Package Includes 5 Plates In Various Colors (Red, Beige, Green, Blue, Dark Green). Size: 9 Inches In Diameter X 0.78 Inches In Height. Suitable For You And Your Family To Enjoy Every Meal, Including Pasta, Sandwiches, Bread And Butter, Desserts, Salads, Appetizers, Etc. Suitable For Family Use, School Activities And Outdoor Activities, Such As For Parties, Picnics, Camping, Recreational Vehicles, Etc., It Is A Good Substitute For Disposable Paper Trays

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