Mindful Eating Food Journal – 60 Days of Food Sensitivity Log, Wellness Planner Journal to Track Your Daily Nutrition, Exercise, Mood , Sleep, Symptoms and build Positive Diet Habits (Lavender-Hardcover-138 Pages -120g)



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This Mindful Health All-in-One 60 Day Diet & Fitness journal that is all inclusive with nutrition tracking, workout tracking, goal setting and mindfulness!
It’s more scientific and practical to evaluate meals based on how you feel.
The Mindful Nutrition Journal is perfect for anyone who wants to be more mindful about their eating habits. Whether you do IIFYM, intuitive eating, calorie counting, Whole30, Paleo, Keto, Carnivore, or any other type of eating style, this journal is perfect for noticing your mood, feelings and daily symptoms.
Eating mindfully can bring your attention back to yourself and your eating habits. Discover how to reach the full enjoyment of food with a step-by-step guide to discover your relationship with food, until you are fully aware. We are what we eat!
This is a BLUE-GOLD & Lavender version of the journal with Color Printing and BLUE-GOLD spiral. Lavender Purple with gold foil makes this diet diary even more healing and noble.
– Half Letter Size (5.5″ x 8.5″ and about 3/4″ thick)
-136 Pages Track Weight Loss Diet and Achieve Health Goals
– 60 Days (120 Pages) of Nutrition Logging
– One Habit Tracking Page (60 Circles to check 6 habits)
– 60 Days (10-week) of Nutrition Plan Page
– One Symptom Pages (Find a link between discomfort and diet based on symptom data)
– Food Lists at the Front of the Journal (Vegan Protein, Fiber, Carb & Fat Sources)
– A Pair of Pockets (This portable, cute and functional wellness journal has a pair of pockets at the back)

– Use up to Four sections for logging meals
– Date, wake up / bed time, sleep quality
– Today’s nutrition goal (at top of page)
– Logging vitamins
– Logging Hydration
– Fruit / Veggie / Protein servings
– Noting symptoms after eating meals (directly after and 2-5 hours after)

ACHIEVE GOALS ON MULTIPLE LEVELS-The food journal invites me to stop and think about how my meals are making me feel and think about the changes I can make to reach my nutritional goals. These food-sensitivity pages are an excellent way to pay attention to symptoms, notice hunger, sleep problems and other aspects of eating intuitively and with mindfulness.
CREATE GOOD EATING HABITS -It is helpful to integrate mindfulness into how you eat. In this way, you can develop a healthy relationship with food. If you are struggling with digestive problems, this wellness journal can help you track whether these problems are related to the food you eat. Mindfulness eating paves the way to better health and a sound well-being.
HARDCOVER UNDATED 60-DAY PLANNER – 5.5 x 8 inch hardcover food journal has a premium cute cover and 115gsm thick pearl white no-bleed of eco-friendly paper. This portable, cute and functional wellness journal has a pair of pockets at the back with 138 pages to tracking.
PROTABLE & ELEGANT –This food journal has 60 days worth of logging your daily meals and nutrition. It’s easy to carry and fits into a purse. If you struggle with remembering what you’ve eaten, being able to take your journal with you will be a huge help. Plus, this little nutrition logbook looks sleek and elegant

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