Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Portable Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver | Wide Area Augmentation System, Black



Price: $129.99 - $109.99
(as of Aug 13,2023 18:48:01 UTC – Details)

The Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver with Wide Area Augmentation System and Portable Attachment is compact, light weight, simple to use and extremely accurate. The built-in Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is highly sensitive and allows your device to connect to several satellites providing accurate and reliable GPS coordinates within +/- 2.5m, max speed of 1,150 mph & max altitude of 59,000 ft. You now have the ability to add highly accurate GPS tracking to anyone of your devices by simply connecting to your XGPS150A model seamlessly via Bluetooth in a matter of seconds.

The GPS Status Tool is a free downloadable app found in the App Store or Android Marketplace and provides you real time accurate GPS coordinates, position rate of change and works with numerous devices and operating systems such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and much more. With your XGPS150A you now have hundreds of applications that are compatible so you are covered in any scenario such as a car, marine, and aerial navigation, hiking, fitness, social networking and much more.

When designing your XGPS150A we made sure that you had an ample battery life of 8.5 hours of continuous use and fully recharges within 2.5 hours. Included you will find a USB charging cord, an adjustable strap, 12-30V car charger and a non-slip pad that will securely stick to almost any surface.

Gps Status Tool – The Free Downloadable App Provides Accurate Gps Coordinates, Position Update Rate Change & Works With Numerous Devices And Operating Systems Such As Iphone, Ipad, Android, Mac, Windows & Much More
Hundreds Of Applications – Being Able To Add Accurate Gps To Your Device Will Now Allow You To Use Hundreds Of Available Apps In Any Scenario Such As Car, Marine, & Aerial Navigation, Hiking, Fitness, Social Networking And Much More
Battery Life & Included – Your Gps Receiver Has A Battery Lifespan Of 8.5 Hours Of Continuous Use & Comes With A Usb Charging Cord, An Adjustable Strap, 12-28V Car Charger And Non-Slip Pad That Will Securely Stick To Most Surfaces

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