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Arcade1Up Digital Pinball

At-home arcade with your very own 3/4 scale digital machine

Arcade1Up — the premier name in home arcade cabinets has partnered with Zen Studios — to bring you digital pinball like you’ve never seen before, so go ahead and flip out!

This is an absolute must-have for your family game room, game cave, or even in the office.

Adjustable Variable VolumeIn Game Settings MenuOn-Screen Game Selection MenuReal Working PlungerAdjustable Metal LegsEasy AssemblyBy Tastemakers, LLCFully Licensed

Highlighted Features Dual Speakers with metal grills Light Up Back Glass 23.8″ LCD Playfield 7.5″ LCD Score Screen 2 Playfield Knockers (Utilizing Solenoid Modules for Playfield Ball Feedback) Haptic Touch Flippers with Real Feel Flipper Feedback Real Feel Tilt and Nudge Clear Deck Protector


Assembled Dimensions: 59.5″ Tall, 36″Long, and 20.5″Wide (Flippers rest at 35″ tall in front of the waist) Box Dimensions: 37.4” x 21.6” x 22.64” Weight: 90.39 lbs Speakers Dual Speakers with metal grills

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Games Included:

Spider-Man · Civil War · Wolverine · X-Men · Thor · Marvel’s Women of Power- A-Force · Ghost Rider · Venom · Fantastic Four · Fear Itself

Star Wars

Games Included:

Boba Fett · A New Hope · Ahch-To Island · Battle of Mimban · Darth Vader · Masters of the Force · Star Wars: Rebels · Han Solo · The Force Awakens · The Empire Strikes Back

Attack from Mars

Games Included:

Attack from Mars · Fish Tales · The Getaway: High Speed II · Junk Yard · Medieval Madness · White Water · Red & Ted’s Road Show · Hurricane · Tales of the Arabian Nights

Dimensions: 59.5″ Tall, 36″long, and 20.5″Wide (flippers rest at 35″ Tall in front of the waist)
Haptic touch flippers with real feel flipper feedback
2 playfield knock-overs (utilizing solenoid modules for playfield ball feedback)
Real feel tilt and nudge; light up back Glass; adjustable metal legs

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